Birth Support:

“I highly recommend Robin to anyone looking to hire a doula. My husband and I thought she was very helpful, attentive and supportive of our wants and needs. We wanted a drug-free birth and I believe Robin’s assistance was an important factor in meeting that goal.”  ~ Mother, K.Z.

“Robin was warm, sensitive and kept us focused. I couldn’t have been as helpful and supportive to my wife without her.” ~ Father, J.Z.

“Hiring a doula – specifically Robin – was the best decision I made in preparing for delivery. Best money I’ve ever spent on services.” Mother, E.T.

“We were so grateful to have Robin be a part of our daughter’s birth. She was instrumental in helping us to have the kind of birth we wanted. Her suggestions and her supportive and gentle approach through the whole birthing process were incredible. We definitely want her to be there again if we are blessed with another child.”  Parents, J. & J.L.

“Robin knew things to do to keep us going. It was so helpful she was there with my wife so that I could take a break and get something to eat. The biggest thing was sharing her knowledge and helping us to know what was happening.” ~ Father, B.B.

“Robin has a calm presence and a soothing voice. She helped guide my breathing during contractions which was invaluable. I couldn’t be happier with the way our birth went. It was a great experience.” ~ Mother, W.B.

“Robin was terrific! It was an ENORMOUS help to us to have her there.” ~ Mother, E.Y.

“At first I was worried about having an additional person with us during one of the most intimate moments of our lives. However, during our birth, my husband and I both felt that Robin helped to keep us relaxed and comfortable and we were so thankful she was there with us. ” ~ Mother, B.M.

“Robin was an amazing help to us during the birth of our baby. She is kind, warm, perceptive, and has a deep knowledge of the birth process. She knows exactly what to do and when it needs to be done and has a personality that is easy to feel comfortable with. She was there when she was needed in providing assistance to both of us as new parents. We would recommend Robin as a doula without reservation.” ~ Father, T.S.

In Home Support:

“Robin helped us overcome difficult sleeping and feeding issues and provided us with much needed caring support during the overwhelming postpartum time. She is extremely patient and helped us to feel at ease as first time parents with our new baby.”~ Parents, S. & E.R.

“Robin’s knowledge is extremely valuable. Great listening skills and instant problem solving feedback. Also, she is so affirming and encouraging – empowering. She has given me a great deal of emotional support with regard to breastfeeding and that, as well as the practical advice, has made all the difference in building my confidence.” ~ Mother, T.E.

“It was reassuring for us to have Robin help care for our premature twins when they came home from the NICU. Her expertise and experience were helpful in establishing breastfeeding, bathing, soothing fussiness, and dealing with reflux. The twins loved her singing too!” ~ Parents, A. & D. H.

“Robin Younger is known as the “Baby Whisperer” in our family. She was our God send doula after the triplets were born — supporting and helping me recover after surgery, educating and encouraging me to breastfeed/pump for three babies, and completely hands-on in the NICU with the babies. As a new mother you say to yourself, “I can do it all myself,” but why when you can have Robin by your side.”
~ Mother, J.G.

“We were caught off guard by a difficult birth and Robin gave us the help we needed so that I could heal and we could give our baby all the love, attention and comfort he needed as a newborn. She also helped us learn valuable skills and techniques for calming our baby like teaching my husband how to wear the Moby Wrap and swaddling to help our baby sleep better at night. She was a great source of referrals. She even helped us secure a topnotch breast pump rental and encouraged me to get the emotional support I needed to work with the after affects of our difficult birth.” ~ Mother, I.R.

“Robin was a huge support for us. She helped me transition away from using a nipple shield and explore breastfeeding in different positions. She provided us with many resources and worked with us on soothing techniques. We feel very fortunate to have had her support during a very important time in our lives.” ~ Mother, J.M.

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