Breastfeeding Assistance

Breastfeeding is instinctive, and yet there is still so much to learn for mothers and babies in the transitional time following birth. Accurate information and emotional support go a long way to prevent and alleviate problems and boost breastfeeding confidence early on.

Breastfeeding Support Services: 

  • I assist clients in preparing a birth plan which includes skin to skin contact and breastfeeding their baby in the hours immediately following birth.
  • I work with families of babies who, due to prematurity or other issues, necessitate time in the NICU.
  • I work side by side with new mothers in their homes, offering information on proper positioning and latch, and how to transition from nipple shields, among other things.
  • I give parents information on how to recognize their baby’s feeding cues and practices which establish a plentiful milk supply.